Gail Sorronda feat. The Little Mermaid

Disney films – a source of famous quotes (Hakuna Matata!), earworm hooks (under the sea, under the sea!), unreasonable expectations of teenage years (Ariel and Aurora are 16!) and of love (try watching Pocahontas critically) and now, high end fashion.

Queensland designer, Gail Sorronda, last night showed her spring/summer ’15 collection, Mermaids Exist: As Above / So Below at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Rosie Findlay, in her fashion blog for The Conversation described the collection and the show as “dreamlike, light but balanced by touches of menace, romantic, feminine but not girly.” The shimmering details and fluid designs were inspired by Disney’s retelling of The Little Mermaid. Airy confections punctuated by splashes of bold confections and Disney prints gave nods to the 1989 film.


Model Nicole Pollard in one of the final looks. Image courtesy of Gail Sorronda and Park Avenue PR

Gail Sorronda won the Mercedes-Benz Start-Up Awards with her debut collection in 2005. Her romantic collections since then have drawn the eye of global fashion-houses, including Gabbana and Karl Lagerfeld, and publications including Vogue Italia.  

This year, she presented floaty and sheer gowns anchored by strong wedges, while ethereal models wore crowns, slicked back hair and calm expressions. The models and garments were at once air and water – fluid and floaty – as if Ariel, the mermaid who wanted to be human had been reincarnated in fashion. Fashion and beauty that is part of both worlds.

Interestingly, the Disney film about the flame-haired mermaid has drawn the interest of another fashion heavyweight. Sofia Coppola, generally regarded as one of the most chic filmmakers, is set to direct a live-action remake of the Disney classic.

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Images courtesy of Gail Sorronda and Park Avenue PR.

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